Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Entrepreneur’s Family

I just drove back from Kingston, where I MC’d the second of four regional “Global Traders” events for the Ontario government.

The awards ceremony featured some fantastic comments from the winning entrepreneurs. Spurred on by my challenge to share some of the secrets of their exporting success, they talked a lot (we finished 20 minutes late), but offered great advice and made some memorable points.

I taped them on my handy pocket recorder, so I will blog about them when I have time. But I wanted to share one highlight with you.

This is from memory, so it may not be word for word, but one of the winners simply nailed the paradox of the busy, often selfish life of the typical entrepreneur. “You have to have a really supportive family to back you up,” he said, “or no family at all.”


Stark, but true.

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