Friday, April 07, 2006

Entrepreneurial paranoia

I mentioned in my MC remarks at Global Traders yesterday that entrepreneurs can be a suspicious, cynical lot. That’s quite ironic, in a way, since many of them tend to be so idealistic and positive in their everyday outlook.

But it could be a necessary learned defence. Idealistic entrepreneurs realize early on that few other business people are as committed as they are to creating value or building long-term relationships. They learn to view others with suspicion as their default mode.

It may also be tied up with entrepreneurial ego.

Note this recent entry by Waterloo, Ont. entrepreneur Jim Estill in his CEO Blog.

“This brings me to a topic I discuss often - filtering.

“Just because something is in print (or on the Internet) does not make it true. I am very wary of ulterior motives. I am also aware that I need to accept others' opinions just as ideas and filter them. Accept the ones I like and reject or modify the ones I do not.”

So that’s one entrepreneur’s worldview. Listen. Filter. Reject or Modify.
And watch for ulterior motives.

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