Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Quarter of the Canadian Entrepreneur

Kudos to Roynat, which this year launched a bold initiative called "The Year of the Canadian Entrepreneur." As I understand it, their intent was to build a coalition of marketers interested in reaching small and medium-sized business, and together create events and content that would celebrate Canadian entrepreneurship and help inform and strengthen individual entrepreneurs.

Sadly, Corporate Canada never signed on. Rogers Wireless became a partner, and at least one other organization I know was looking to get in on it. But Roynat had ambitious plans - a monthly mini-magazine called "Essential Guide" in Canadian Business and PROFIT, and a full weekly "Entrepreneur" section in the National Post - and they required deep, deep pockets.

This month, Roynat threw in the towel, and who can blame them?

Congratulations to Roynat (and Rogers) for their vision and market leadership. And to all those organizations that make lots of money off Canadian entrepeneurs and declined to support this worthwhile initiative, may you reap what you sow.

To sell to small businesses, you have to create value for them. Roynat gets that. The rest of the market? Not so much.

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Evan Carmichael said...

Congrats on the great post Rick. It's too bad the initiative never got off the ground. It would have been a good resource for Canadian SMEs.

I made your post one of my Selling to Small Business links of the day.

Keep up the great work!