Friday, April 20, 2007

Make it Clear

Marketing Profs, a US site offering marketing advice, takes on the small business market today with a short piece offering three ways to get your message across to business owners. “Get to the point,” they say.

“The vast majority of small business people will respond with interest if you clearly outline what you can do for them.”

* Simplify your pitch. Small business owners don’t want to see your binder filled with charts and graphs. They care about ROI. Demonstrate how your services will pay for themselves.

* Let others pat you on the back. Testimonials from current and former clients provide credibility. They should highlight solutions implemented or problems resolved.

* Put on a good face. If you're selling marketing services, wow prospects with the quality of your Web site and collateral. If you look good, they know you’ll make them look good.

The unnamed profs believe small business owners to be tight with a cheque – a point we have made made here ourselves. To sell them your service, they say, you have to prove its value.

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