Thursday, March 23, 2006

Today's Hottest Buttons

What problems most bedevil Canada’s entrepreneurs? Here are the results of a recent survey of “mid-cap” business owners by COMPAS, for Roynat Capital, conducted in January 2006.

I’m actually surprised to see these entrepreneurs so concerned about financing. This is an issue that seemed to have gone away for a while; certainly, it is no longer the national political issue it was a few years ago.

This looks like a warning to the banks, especially for when they come back to Ottawa for permission to merge. Plus, it’s a sign that all the new private capital now being directed to buyout funds and mezzanine funding isn't getting where it needs to go.

Meanwhile, there’s lots of food for thought here for marketers trying to make entrepreneurs’ lives easier. How can you help them deal more effectively with staff issues (hiring, training, motivating, retaining)?

How can your products or services level the playing field, and enable entrepreneurial firms to compete with bigger organizations?

And how can you help them sell more?

These are the hot buttons your market will respond to.

(You can find the survey summary here. )

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