Monday, January 30, 2006

Is Anybody Home??

That’s the question asked by a reader of this blog after visiting Hewlett-Packard Canada’s website.

As an entrepreneur, he was reading up on printers at HP’s sub-site dedicated to small and medium-sized business. On this page HP offers an ambitious slogan: “No one understands you like HP.”

Well, let’s see.

From the page at, he clicked on what looked like an interesting link under "Solve Business Problems" called "Success Stories".That click took him to HP’s U.S. site. But what the heck, he figured, a success story is a success story.

Except that the graphic box entitled "Printing solutions success stories for Small & Medium Business" offered this stark message: "None currently available. Please check back."

HP has hundreds of customer success stories on its site. But apparently not one deals with printers in small-business environments. That seems pretty strange when printers and imaging constitute HP’s most profitable division.

What would it take, my correspondent wondered, for HP to talk to a couple of its millions of printer users to see how they’re faring, and post a story or two on its website? “Hell,” said our reader, “they could give me a call.”

What would it take for HP to show its small-biz customers some respect? Especially when it likes to tell business owners that “No one understands you like HP.”

MORAL: If you talk the talk, walk the walk.

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