Tuesday, December 20, 2005

What makes entrepreneurs tick?

To sell to business owners, you need to know what makes them tick.

Fortunately, Canada's major banks love to survey small business and share the results in order to prove how "in touch" they are.

Here are some of the results of a recent RBC survey that found that women entrepreneurs are often motivated less by money and more by personal priorities.

"Canadian women are starting more businesses than ever before, but for a majority of Canada's current and aspiring women entrepreneurs, the desire to own their own business may be less about the money and more about personal priorities.

"According to an RBC survey conducted by Ipsos-Reid, while 36% of men planning to open a business plan to do so to become wealthy, only 23%of women planning to open a business do so for the same reason. As well, access to a more flexible working schedule is a greater motivator for women entrepreneurs (63%) than men (51%).

"However, the majority of women and men entrepreneurs (69% and 64% respectively) seem to be equally driven by a love for what they do or hope to do.

"Women in Canada are turning to self-employment and pursuing their career dreams at unprecedented levels," said Kris Depencier, RBC Royal Bank's national manager, Small Business. "Since 1981 the number of women entrepreneurs has increased by over 200%. For a large portion of these women, building a business is not only a labour of love, but also a way to balance work and family obligations."

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