Friday, December 28, 2007

Ugh! Marketing

I need a new chair mat. Before I headed out to to buy one, I checked the website of Office Depot Canada to see if they're doing anything special for "Boxing Week." Sadly, the site remains as dull as it is the other 51 weeks of the year.

But check out Office Depot's U.S. site.

It's full of colour, pictures, and discounts. Also known as, reasons to linger and reasons to buy. What have Canadians done to deserve such lacklustre merchandising? Business owners deserve special prices, promotional deals and exciting new products. Where's the pizzazz?

In a recent survey cited at a November Warrillow conference on marketing to small business, Staples Business Depot ranked as one of the top brands for business owners. Too bad Office Depot isn't giving them much competition.


Jesni said...
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David said...

Hi Rick,

Wasn't sure what jesni was trying to say about your blog? However i've read a couple of your posts, and would like to comment that the sky was never that blue when I visited Toronto!.
I must admit i've sometimes felt like saying 'just call me so I can take you off my list'....surely everyone has had bad days?
Anyhow thanks for the blog, if it's resources your after try for some marketing ideas and products.
Happy blogging!!