Friday, October 06, 2006

Staples gets down to business

Roger Pierce and Andrew Patricio of Toronto-based BizLaunch have just announced an alliance with Staples Business Depot that will see them holding free small business seminars in Staples stores on weeknights across the GTA.

If they get the turnout they're looking for, Staples and BizLaunch hope to extend the program to more stores across Canada.

Congrats to Andrew and Roger, who have been working very hard to promote small business through their courses for the past few It’s also a good deal for Staples, which is showing it’s serious about helping its customers succeed. Small business owners are eager for information and contacts. But they don't particularly want to get their education from books or extended courses, and they're tired of networking events where they just get hit on from every direction.

“Almost one million Canadians will start a small business during the next year,” says Roger Pierce. “There’s a huge thirst for small business learning and these in-store seminars will make it easy for entrepreneurs to get it.”

BizLaunch's topics include Your Business Plan in 10 Easy Steps, How to Market Your Business on the Internet, and How to Sell Like a Pro. Not brain exactly brain surgery - but it's exactly the solid, practical info most business owners need.

You’ll find the seminar schedule here. Courses start Oct. 10 and run through Nov. 30 on weekday evenings (7-8:30 pm) at 13 GTA Staples stores. Best of all, according to the press release, “Seminar attendees also receive money-saving product offers and a chance to win prizes.”

If you're trying to understand and influence the small business market, check out the schedule And get thee to a Staples store.

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